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  • Action Scene Workshop - The action in your scene should be primarily non-verbal -- people can yell and speak and so forth, but you're not moving the plot on dialog, you're moving the plot on physical action. It should be a particular sort of physical action as well: direct, emphatic physical confrontation.
  • Bracelet Workshop - Do a Missing Scenes, one scene, from the episode of your choice, but it has to focus on Phileas' bracelet.
  • Crossover Workshop - Cross The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne with another story (could be a book, could be a movie, could be a TV series) for a brief scene in which the universes collide.
  • First Person Narrative Workshop - You choose which character wakes up in the morning to find which object on, under, or in the bed, and you let the character tell us all about it in his or her own words.
  • Jammie Workshop - Write a short scene in which the SAJV character of your choice has a nice warm bath (bubbles optional) (backscrubber optional) and puts on his or her jammies, or equivalent, and tucks him or herself into bed or is tucked (your choice)
  • Missing Scene Workshop - The purpose of the Missing Scene Workshop is for people who want to participate to write a short Missing Scene (can be an aftermath scene, a missing bridge scene, a missing "Meanwhile, back at the ranch" scene, or even a "I wish this scene had gone in this direction . . ." scene).
  • Outlining Workshop - For our outline exercise . . . outline either the main action of The Cardinal's Revenge, or the Cavoir conflict-and-finale plot arc.
  • Role Reversal Workshop - Phileas Fogg is a young man from the country of good family with absolutely no money whose education has been sporadic at best, though he does have an inquiring mind and is a quick learner. Rebecca Fogg is his baby sister, all of three years younger than he is. Jules Verne, on the other hand, is a wealthy and influential theater impresario who does a bit of secret-agenting on the side with his Kato, Jean Passepartout, an excellent pastry chef with a minor in demolitions and mood-altering substances
  • Squid-Voice Workshop - For each entry in the workshop, you will need to write a description of the squid as seen by Jules, Phileas, Rebecca, and Passepartout.

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