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  • Alternate Universe - Alternative Universe - AU - A story that uses the characters from a particular TV series or film, but places them in another, entirely different, setting.
  • Crossover - A story that includes characters and/or elements from two or more different media universes.
  • Drabble - A story of exactly 100 words
  • Filk - A filk is the use of a popular/well known song and re-writing the lyrics to relate to a fannish interest.(Media Fandom)
  • Flash Fiction - A story of under five hundred (500) words.
  • Missing Scene - A story story that fills a narrative gap in an actual episode of a TV series or film.
  • Novel - A story of forty thousand (40,000) or more words.
  • Novelette - A story of between seven thousand five hundred (7,500) and seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) words.
  • Novella - A story of between seventeen thousand five hundred (17,500) and forty thousand (40,000) words.
  • Poem - A composition, usually in verse, in which a subject or viewpoint is presented.
  • PWP - A story, usually adult in nature, containing little or no plot but which provides content of prurient interest. Known as Porn Without Plot or more Plot? What Plot?
  • Short Short - A story of between five hundred (500) and a thousand (1,000) words.
  • Short Story - A story of over one thousand (1,000) and less than seven thousand five hundred (7,500) words.
  • Vignette - A story customarily under one thousand (1,000) words that is is meant to give new insight into a character or the relationship between two or more characters.
  • Workshop - A work created in answer to a challenge or set of guidelines during an SJJV or SJJVA workshop.

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